Aci Castello – Acitrezza – La Timpa

About 10 kilometers far from Catania northwise we find Aci Castello: it is an old fishermen village which, still keeping its traditional origins, has lately become a well-known seaside tourist area.

The landmark of the village is the Norman Castle from the eleventh century, built on a lava rock cliff.

North of Aci Castello, there is Aci Trezza, another traditional fishermen village, also known as the Riviera dei Ciclopi (Cyclops Riviera). The name originates from an episode of the Odyssey where Ulysses is kept by the Cyclop Polyphemus, but who finally manages to escape after blinding the monster. Polyphemus throws at the ship three big rocks, which are called Faraglioni (Stacks) by Verga in his novel “I Malavoglia”.

It is a beautiful place, with crystal clear sea; the island hosts various species of animals (for example the Lacerta, en endemic species of lizard found only on that island).

Going towards Messina, along the “Via Nazionale” we find other beautiful places of interest.

A unique natural landscape, protected by the “Riserva Naturale Orientata La Timpa” (regional natural reserve). This coastline is made up of several traditional villages and summer resorts such as Santa Maria la Scala, Santa Tecla, Stazzo and Pozzillo, from where you can look at the beautiful sea and taste delicious fish and seafood dishes.