Piazza Stesicoro

Piazza Stesicoro is one of the main important squares around the historical center of Catania. Situated along the via Etnea, it has a simple rectangular shape.

Its borders are: in the north Palazzo Tezzano and Palazzo del Toscano (Tuscan Palace), in the east Palazzo Beneventano and a building from the late 50ies that is the Banco di Sicilia (Bank of Sicily). In the west the Church of Sant’Agata alla Fornace and the Palazzo della Borsa Fascista (Fascist Stock Exchange Palace). Finally, in the south we have some buildings from the Eighteenth Century.

In the west area of the square, 10 meters below the ground, we have parts of the ruins of a Roman Amphitheatre, discovered in the first years of the nineteenth century.

In the east, we have a commemorative statue dedicated to Vincenzo Bellini. At the back, the square leads into Corso Sicilia, a boulevard with many modern buildings used as banks or offices for insurance companies; Corso Sicilia connects Via Etnea to the train station.