Bellini Park

Bellini Park is the oldest of the four main gardens of the city. It is familiarly called ‘a villa by the people in Catania.

It occupies, as a whole, an area of 70,942 square meters with flowerbeds, areas dedicated to sports and music events, benches for resting and reading, shaded boulevards and fountains.

The pages of a brief but essential guide to Catania, published in 1899, gives a tasty description of the garden which, since its opening, was considered one of the most beautiful in Europe. “Il Giardino Bellini – we read in the guide – is the of the most pleasant meeting places in the city. Its location is lovely. From two hills, which rise in the centre and are separated by a large square, the visitor can admire the city, the sea and the majestic sight of Etna. For the diversity of the views offered, the park is considered one of the best in Europe. The view from the hills gives the same impression of grandeur as the Pincio esplanade in Rome or Piazzale Michelangelo in Florence. The avenues of this garden are different and tortuous, densely shaded and located both on the slopes and the flat areas of the park.

Several elegant bridges, the underpasses, the tunnel, the flower beds, the grassy lawns and different species of flowers, the fountain, the square that divides the two hills: everything comes together to make this a wonderful garden and a delightful place. In summer you can enjoy cool afternoons, with the shelter of tall and shady trees, beautiful sunsets with the warm and oriental liveliness of their reflections; the evenings are deliciously passed, when swarms of ladies richly lighten it up”. These words still describe the atmosphere of the Bellini park, as is today the same as the one inspiring the enthusiasm of the writer.